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Modbus Data Acquisition

The Datexel range of Data Acquisition equipment includes Modbus RTU Masters and Slaves, Modbus Input, Modbus Output Modules, Modbus Isolation Modules and Modbus Repeaters. The range also includes converters (RS485, USB, RS232, RS422, TCP-IP). By combining these units with the DAT3000 and DAT10000 series a complete solution for your Data Acquisition can be found from Datexel. The DAT9550 is a remote Modbus display unit that can be programmed to accept data from Modbus slaves or masters such as a PLC or the DAT9000 range of Modbus controllers.


Modbus Controllers
  • Datexel Modbus range of Controllers
The DAT9000 and DAT9011 Modbus Masters and Modbus Slaves range of controllers have Ethernet, RS485, RS232 and USB ports. Options on these units have on board digital and analog IO and the DAT9011DL has data logging capability that logs data from not only it's own inputs but the DAT3000 and DAT10000 series and other connected slaves from other manufacturers. The data is logged to the USB port which is situated on the front face of the DAT9011DL and can take an 8G USB thumb drive.
Modbus Analog Input
  • Datexel Modbus range of Modbus Analog Input
The DAT3000 and DAT10000 series are a range of analog input Modbus RTU devices. The communication is either RS485 or RS232 and can be Modbus or Modbus ASCII protocol. The analog inputs can be mA, Thermocouple, RTD, Potentiometers, mV and Voltage. The analog output can be either current or voltage. The DAT3000 is programmed with a PC interface. The DAT10000 is similar but can also be programmed by DIP switches.
Modbus Analog Output
  • Datexel Modbus range of Analog Output
The DAT3000 has a range of analog outputs that can be either current or voltage. The DAT3022 is a 2 channel output, the DAT3024 4 channel output and the output can be either Voltage or Current. The DAT3028 has an 8 channel output which is Voltage only.
Modbus Communication
  • Modbus Communication
The DAT3500 series is a range of communication isolators and converters which includes isolating RS485, RS232, RS422 signals from the field to the control room. It is also able to extend the range of the signals. The options that are available are RS232 to RS485 or RS422, USB to RS485 or RS422, Ethernet to RS485 or RS422, Ethernet to RS485.
Modbus Instruments
  • Modbus Communication
Datexel has a range of Panel Meters, Temperature and Process Controllers, Timers, Counters, Tachometers and Current Converters that act as Modbus RTU Slave devices. These devices offer low cost options to convert normal sensor outputs into Modbus RTU.